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Welcome to the world of Isshogai, where fashion photography meets unparalleled artistry and heartfelt storytelling. Based in Paris, Isshogai has carved out a niche in the world of high fashion, working with renowned brands and publications globally.

Isshogai’s journey into the world of fashion photography began later in life, following diverse experiences, including work in emergency services. His transition into photography was marked by an exceptional talent for capturing the essence of his subjects with a keen sense of beauty and detail. Collaborations with industry giants such as Chanel, Dior, Gucci, and Yves Saint Laurent, and his work featured in prestigious magazines like L'Officiel, Elle, and Marie Claire, underscore his prominence in the field.

Isshogai’s unique approach is characterized by his ability to blend elegance with a deep emotional resonance. His photographs are not just images but narratives that capture the soul of his subjects. Whether it’s the dramatic lighting of a couture gown or the subtle interplay of shadows in a black-and-white portrait, each photograph tells a story of grace, strength, and vulnerability.

Clients who choose to work with Isshogai not only receive stunning, high-quality photographs but also become part of a meaningful journey that combines art with advocacy. A shoot with Isshogai is more than a professional engagement; it's an uplifting experience filled with creativity, joy, and a sense of purpose.

Experience the fusion of luxury, artistry, and heartfelt storytelling with Isshogai and be part of a narrative that transcends the ordinary.

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 L’Officiel, Elle, Marie Claire, Book moda, Rendez vous de la mode, Paris Capitale, Prestige international, Robert Abi Nader, Le Paradis latin French Cabaret, Jack holt, Nysense, Evona. Work in collaboration with Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Lanvin, Atelier Versace, Maison Margiela, Jean Paul Gaultier, Tony Ward, Boucheron, Guo Pey, Piaget, Georges Chakra, John Galiona, Yves Saint Laurent, Elie Saab, Dany Atrache, Georges Obeika,Alexandre Vauthier, Franck Sorbier, Yqing Yin, Azzedine Alaia, Valentino, etc .


One of these pictures is part of Galiéra museum private collections.

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