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L'incarnation de l'innovation

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Discover a unique collection of photographs sold for the benefit of Cap Handi Cap, an association dedicated to parents of children with disabilities.

Each photo, usually sold for 1300 euros, is available for 850 euros for this exhibition 3 prints (numbers 9, 10, 11).


Your purchase will directly support crucial initiatives for children and their families.


contact: ISSHOGAI +336 75 88 76 53

ISSHOGAI means "for the life" – it's the photographer's name this artist has chosen to adopt.


His logo is KOKORO in Japanese, xīn in Chinese. Kokoro represents the heart, a spiritual heart rather than an organic one. The depth of his work is summarized in these three lines. A fashion photographer based in Paris, for him, the act of photography is an act of love. It is an act of empathy with his model, where he listens and the model gives a part of themselves.


."Behind each of the images I present here, there is a story, an idea I seek to develop. I like to make the viewer think. To question our society. To question the place of humanity, a place I see disappearing year after year. We are losing the essential."


Photograph taken from a haute couture shoot for SOON magazine. Sasha is wearing a dress designed by Julien Fournié.

For the duration of a shoot, we go beyond appearances. Let the naked bodies be covered and those hidden reveal their truths, for in the end, is the artist not the one who reveals themselves the most through their art?


This photograph is part of a haute couture series created for the Italian magazine UFASHION. Valou is dressed in a Zuhair Murad gown and adorned with a high jewelry set from Piaget.

The series is inspired by the struggle of the pioneers of the #MeToo movement, particularly in the world of fashion photography. I met Valou during a fashion show and sensed the untapped artistic potential she had at the time. She was very inspired by this theme, and we worked together to bring another dimension to this series of images.


These photographs are part of a haute couture series created for the Italian magazine BOOKAMODA. The model is dressed in an artisanal gown by Maison Margiela (1 ) and Giorgio Armani Privé dress, Boucheron earrings (2).

We think we control our lives, we believe we have free will, the ability to choose freely, but it is only sand in our eyes. From our unconscious to our culture, we are ultimately just puppets in a life that our conscious mind cannot control.



The model is dressed in a Giorgio Armani Privé ensemble. For this shoot, the magazine asked me to draw inspiration from the sculptural art of Roman Baroque. During my research, I rediscovered the passionate exchanges between Camille Claudel and Rodin.

Reading their passionate and dramatic letters made me fall in love with Camille Claudel. Deeply touched, with tears in my eyes, I decided to create a series inspired by their story, imagining a relationship between an artist and his muse. To do this, I shared the lovers' writings with the model. I displayed these letters in the studio while we created this series. Somewhere, I hope, Camille was watching us.

"I sleep completely naked to make myself believe that you are here, but when I wake up, it’s no longer the same. I kiss you. Camille. Please, don’t deceive me anymore."



At just 8 years old, Clémentine is already an actress. She starred alongside Catherine Deneuve, Juliette Binoche and Ethan Hawke in THE TRUTH by Hirokazu Kore Eda. For this series, I chose to set her in a parallel reality that children know well!
a world where their dreams come true, a world where teddy bears are wise men who talk to us, console us and give us advice. A world full of mystery where the only limits are those we set in our imagination. A world that, as adults, we try hard to forget.
( not me )



There's something fascinating about the way we look at our own image. It's often distorted, like the slightly blurred reflection in Adda's face, which makes us wonder about its reality.
But where is the reflection?



The model is wearing a dress as well as a Georges Hobeika ring and Chopard earrings. The flowers in this image are the creations of visual artist Wiliam Amor, who constructs each element from recycled materials. His philosophy is to sublimate neglected materials and break with value judgements

Even in a thousand shards
It's always there
The moon in the water.
- Ueda Chôshû -



It unconsciously defines who we are, weaving a present and a future in the darkness that defines us. I've chosen to represent this in the form of shadows surrounding the light on Veroni's face.
The brighter the area of light, the deeper the shadow that surrounds it, creating a balance that is our reality.



For this photograph I decided to use images of our limiting beliefs. Everyone in our lives creates deep-seated negative beliefs which, over time, become our reality and sabotage our attempts. It's the famous ‘Who am I?’ question that cannot be answered because we are born in a prison whose walls are of our own construction.

We are naked before these beliefs that embrace us like this hemp rope blocking Sarah.

The knots we use are derived from Kinbaku or Shibari, which is inspired by the Hoju jutsu, an ancient Japanese technique used to bind prisoners.



It's like a wave, the sweet melancholy of our memories of a happy time.

It is said that we experience our most beautiful emotions in love during our adolescence, and that we spend our whole lives trying to find them again, to relive them.



As a free man, you will always cherish the sea!
The sea is your mirror; you contemplate your soul
In the infinite unfurling of its waves,
And your spirit is no less bitter an abyss.

You delight in plunging into the bosom of your image;
You embrace it with your eyes and arms, and your heart
Is sometimes distracted from its own rumour
At the sound of this wild and untamed complaint.

You are both dark and discreet:
Man, no one has plumbed the depths of your abysses;
O sea, no one knows your intimate riches,
So jealous are you of keeping your secrets!

And yet for countless centuries
That you have fought each other without pity or remorse,
So fond are you of bloodshed and death,
O eternal combatants, O implacable brothers!

Charles Baudelaire



Dagga is wearing a Viktor&Rolf dress and a Chopard high jewellery set.

This was a very special shoot for me. At the very start of the shoot, I had an accident lifting one of my camera feet, rupturing a tendon in my shoulder and dislocating a second one. Despite the pain and discomfort of carrying the camera, I decided to carry on shooting.



Dagga is wearing a Antonio Grimaldi dress, Piaget bracelet.

In the delicate whisper of silk, she stands—


a vision of ethereal grace. Each fold and curve of her gown, a silent ode to timeless elegance. She is the dawn's first light, the soft murmur of morning mist, a fleeting dream woven into reality. With every breath, she breathes life into the stillness, transforming the ordinary into the sublime. Here, in this moment, she is both the muse and the masterpiece, a beacon of beauty that transcends time.



Kristel wore a Schiaparelli dress and a Damiani high jewellery set.

The theme of the series that day was madness.


Kristel came back to me 3 years later to tell me how much this shoot had brought her. How much she had learnt to draw on her deepest emotions to give something else to the image and how much she had loved my humanity. To my astonishment, she admitted to me that she had learnt to accept herself and to give something other than a simple fashion pose in her shots.



Florence is wearing a GUOPEI dress

In the dance of shadows and light, she stands as a regal presence—an embodiment of grace and power. Her gown, an intricate tapestry of gold and black, tells a story of timeless elegance. Around her, the world swirls in a ballet of motion, a fleeting whisper of beauty captured in a single frame.


She is  the inspiration, the moment suspended in time. Through her, the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and every glance becomes a testament to the art of existence


Méline is wearing a Georges Chakra dress Rings: Imai et Shan Shan

In a realm beyond wonder, she drifts—a vision in red, lost in a dreamscape reminiscent of Wonderland. Her elegance is a beacon, guiding us through a surreal journey where reality and fantasy entwine. She is A(i)Lice, the muse in a world of endless marvels.


Méline is wearing a Yanina Couture dress, Guy Laroche shoes, Hat and Jewels : Pretty Little Things

 vibrant hues bright,
Alice dreams in pink delight,
Wonderland in sight.

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