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Discover a unique collection of photographs sold for the benefit of Cap Handi Cap, an association dedicated to parents of children with disabilities.

Each print, usually sold for 1300 euros, is available for 850 euros for this exhibition 3 prints (numbers 9, 10, 11).


Your purchase will directly support crucial initiatives for children and their families.


contact: ISSHOGAI +336 75 88 76 53

naked truth
Ancre 2


Sarah is wearing her beliefs

Everyone in our lives creates deep-seated negative beliefs which, over time, become our reality and sabotage our attempts.

It's the famous ‘Who am I?’ question that cannot be answered because we are born in a prison whose walls are of our own construction.

We are naked before these beliefs that embrace us like this hemp rope blocking Sarah.

The knots we use are derived from Kinbaku or Shibari, which is inspired by the Hoju jutsu, an ancient Japanese technique used to bind prisoners.

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