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Discover a unique collection of photographs sold for the benefit of Cap Handi Cap, an association dedicated to parents of children with disabilities.

Each print, usually sold for 1300 euros, is available for 850 euros for this exhibition 3 prints (numbers 9, 10, 11).


Your purchase will directly support crucial initiatives for children and their families.


contact: ISSHOGAI +336 75 88 76 53

naked truth
Ancre 2


Florence is wearing a GUOPEI dress

In the dance of shadows and light, she stands as a regal presence—an embodiment of grace and power. Her gown, an intricate tapestry of gold and black, tells a story of timeless elegance. Around her, the world swirls in a ballet of motion, a fleeting whisper of beauty captured in a single frame.

She is the inspiration, the moment suspended in time. Through her, the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and every glance becomes a testament to the art of existence

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