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Discover a unique collection of photographs sold for the benefit of Cap Handi Cap, an association dedicated to parents of children with disabilities.

Each print, usually sold for 1300 euros, is available for 850 euros for this exhibition 3 prints (numbers 9, 10, 11).


Your purchase will directly support crucial initiatives for children and their families.


contact: ISSHOGAI +336 75 88 76 53

naked truth
Ancre 2


Dagga is wearing a Antonio Grimaldi dress, Piaget bracelet.

In the delicate whisper of silk, she stands—

a vision of ethereal grace. Each fold and curve of her gown, a silent ode to timeless elegance. She is the dawn's first light, the soft murmur of morning mist, a fleeting dream woven into reality. With every breath, she breathes life into the stillness, transforming the ordinary into the sublime. Here, in this moment, she is both the muse and the masterpiece, a beacon of beauty that transcends time.

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